Message prioritization (queuing)


Setting this parameter will assign the message to one of three queues assigned to each user account. This sets the priority of a message sent to us relative to other messages sent from the same user account. Messages in queue number one will always be delivered before messages in queues number two and three. Messages in the third queue will have the lowest priority relative to queues one and two.

This is useful when delivering, for example, a single high-priority message while you have a large batch of lower-priority messages going through that same account. The large batch will be queued through queue number three (default), while urgent alerts (sent through queue one), will be delivered first, as a priority, regardless of when they were actually sent to us.


The values that can be set are:




Use first / primary user queue (highest priority).


Use second user queue.


Use third user queue (lowest priority) – default status.

You can view the Parameters list page to see the name of the parameter for the API you are using.

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