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Use Clickatell’s Java library with our HTTP or REST messaging APIs to interact with the Clickatell SMS Gateway and send text messages.

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When to use this

Used for server applications and mobile development. After signing up, use this Java library to build into your system.


The class files can be copied directly into your project, then reference the json-simple-1.1.1.jar library. and then use as follows:

To initialize:

ClickatellHttp click = new ClickatellHttp(USERNAME, APIID, PASSWORD);
ClickatellRest clickRest = new ClickatellRest(API_KEY);


To send one message:
ClickatellHttp.Message response = click.sendMessage("27821234567""Hello, this is a test message!");
ClickatellRest.Message response = clickRest.sendMessage("27821234567""Hello, this is a test message!");


To get the status of a message:
int status = click.getMessageStatus("b305c3445e37626ffabb21edc9320e1e");


To get the cost of a message:
ClickatellHttp.Message reply = click.getMessageCharge("b305c3445e37626ffabb21edc9320e1e");
System.out.println("Charge: " + reply.charge);
System.out.println("Status: " + reply.status);


To get the cost and status of messages in REST:
ClickatellRest.Message msg = clickRest.getMessageStatus(response.message_id);
System.out.println("ID:" + msg.message_id);
System.out.println("Status:" + msg.status);
System.out.println("Status Description:" + msg.statusString);
System.out.println("Charge:" + msg.charge);


To do a coverage check:
double reply = click.getCoverage("27820909090");


To do a message stop request:


To check your balance:
double balance = click.getBalance();


Testing Sample Code

javac -cp json-simple-1.1.1.jar ClickatellRest.java ClickatellHttp.java Runner.java


java -cp .:json-simple-1.1.1.jar Runner


You can see our other libraries and more documentation at the Clickatell APIs and Libraries Project.

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