Receiving messages

A message sent (originating) from a mobile handset to an application via Clickatell.

Sending messages

A message sent from an application to (terminating on) a mobile handset via Clickatell.

Premium rated message

A mobile user is charged a premium rate to send messages to a particular short or long code. This service is not available in all regions; please contact an account manager for more information.

Revenue share

This refers to the portion of the premium charge associated with a premium-rated message, which is passed on to the content provider.

Content provider

This is the Clickatell customer who is offering one or more services that are usually premium-rated SMS systems.


A registered Clickatell customer utilizing the Clickatell API for message delivery and receipt.

Sender ID

The ‘from’ address that appears on the user’s handset. This is also known as the message originator or source address. A Sender ID must be registered within your account and approved by us before it may be used.

Destination address

The mobile number/MSISDN of the handset to which the message must be delivered. The number should be in international number format, e.g. country code + local mobile number, excluding the leading zero (0).

Source address

See “Sender ID” above.

Short code

A short number which is common across all the operators for a specific region.


The mobile network subscriber who owns the mobile number (MSISDN) which will send or receive SMS messages, or will be billed for premium rated services.

Upstream gateway

A network operator, third party, or our own short message service center (SMSC).


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