SMPP API Overview

The Short Message Peer to Peer (SMPP) API is used to send out a high volume of text messages at high speed including EMS, voicemail notifications, Cell Broadcasts, WAP messages and Push messages, USSD messages and more. Expect extremely fast real-time messaging via a 24/7 authenticated connection to the Clickatell Gateway. The SMPP SMS API is often used by enterprises that need to be in continuous contact with their customers, no matter where they are in the world. The SMPP API is for you if you have specialist knowledge and the need to send high volumes of messages every month.

Why use this API?
  • Set up Delivery Acknowledgment, Sender ID and Message Delay with the SMPP API.
  • Supports text, Unicode, binary SMS and flash messaging.
  • Supports extended length messages.
  • Converts ringtones and logos into the correct format.
  • Use our VCard and VCal converters.
  • Delivery acknowledgment and Sender ID can be set up.
  • Gateway escalation – should the message be delayed for a predefined length of time, it can be escalated to an alternative delivery gateway; queuing lets you specify up to three prioritized queues that your messages can be sent out on.
  • Specify a delay of up to seven days when sending messages.
  • Two-way messaging can be set up.
  • Your connection is language-platform independent.

When to use this API

The SMPP API is ideal for keeping customers and clients informed in banking and trading environments where timely delivery of information plays a crucial role in ensuring success or reducing fraud.

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