Using the SMPP API

This guide is intended for developers who wish to use the Clickatell SMPP API for sending messages.

The SMPP API provides a direct connection, initiated by you, to the Clickatell SMS Gateway. This enables you to send large volumes of SMS messages in a short period of time. With an SMPP connection, the client is continuously connected to the Clickatell gateway, and the standard protocol requires no programming if you have SMPP client software installed.

Clickatell supports SMPP protocol versions 3.3 and 3.4. A basic to thorough understanding of the SMPP protocol is required, as well as the ability to set up your own SMPP client software. Please read the SMPP 3.3 and/or 3.4 specifications for more information on the SMPP protocol.

In this guide, and to remain in line with the SMPP specification terminology, you will be referred to as the ESME (External Short Message Entity), and the Clickatell gateway will be referred to as the SMSC (Short Message Service Centre).

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