API error description

In addition to the regular REST API error codes, the following error messages are generated by the Clickatell platform during a validation phase before we accept the WhatsApp message request. These error messages are sent back to your application.

Clickatell will not charge you if these errors are generated when sending a message.

Error code
HTTP response code
Short description
1 202 Invalid or missing Integration API Key
2 202 Integration is not active
3 202 Account is not active
7 401 IP lockdown violation
100 202 Empty message content
101 202 Message content is too long
102 202 Empty receivers list
103 202 Content-type for media file is not supported
104 202 WhatsApp media file is too big
105 202 Request contains media files more than 20Mb in total
106 202 HSM is incorrect
109 202 IP lockdown violation. Requests from %s is forbidden according to settings
150 202 Invalid country code found for the input phone: %s
151 202 Too long input phone: %s
152 202 Too short input phone: %s
153 202 Too many MSISDNs
158 202 Invalid destination address
159 202 Number %s is not approved WhatsApp number
160 202 Sandbox number without WhatsApp
161 202 Resource does not exist
901 202 Internal error – please retry
900 202 Internal error

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