Testing your demo

The Sandbox integration allows you to send test messages from the temporary demo WhatsApp number provided by Clickatell, or from your verified WhatsApp Business number in your account (once approved and verified). Test messages to your pre-registered test phone numbers are free of charge and you can start testing immediately once we’ve received your application.

Your demo integration is a temporary test integration with a temporary WhatsApp number provided by Clickatell. This allows you to start testing while your WhatsApp application is in progress. Once your application is approved, your demo integration will fall away. This special integration is available on your account for 90 days, or for up to 3 days after your approved Business Account has been enabled. It allows you to fast-track your integration with our APIs or can be used to simply run a few tests to approved, whitelisted handsets. The demo integration is enabled in a Sandbox mode, which means that it can only send messages to test phone numbers that you have registered within your Clickatell Platform account. These numbers must also be WhatsApp enabled in order to receive the messages.

You can add up to three test phone numbers in the Sandbox environment and you won’t be charged for messages sent to these numbers. 

Sending a test WhatsApp messaging from the Sandbox integration

Ensure that you understand the requirements around the different WhatsApp message types. Test messages also need to comply with the rules created by WhatsApp for different WhatsApp message types.

You also need to ensure that you have set up at least one test phone number.

  • To test a reply to a customer-initiated message, send a WhatsApp message from your test phone number to your approved WhatsApp Business number and reply to the message within 24 hours. Your reply can be an unstructured conversational message if you reply within 24 hours. If you reply outside of the 24-hour window, you’ll need to make use of a pre-approved template message which is available in your Clickatell account.
  • To test a business-initiated message or a re-engagement message (replying to an incoming message after 24 hours), you’ll also need to make use of templated messages. We have loaded some pre-approved Clickatell template messages in your account which you can use for testing purposes.

The production integration allows you to send messages from your approved WhatsApp Business number to any WhatsApp-enabled phone number.

Why are my WhatsApp demo integration messages not being delivered?

In order to send an outbound message from a demo integration to initiate a conversation, you need to use one of the pre-approved message templates provided by Clickatell. Once the template message has been received on your test phone number, you can reply to the message. This will activate the conversation and you can now send any outbound message to your test phone number within a 24-hour period. A conversation stays active for 24 hours after your last inbound message from the test number. After 24 hours, you need to use a pre-approved template message to send an outbound message to your test phone number to initiate a new conversation.

If your messages are not being delivered when trying to test with a demo WhatsApp integration, take note of the following:

  1. You have to register a test phone number and link it to your integration. Message delivery is limited to these registered test numbers only. Ensure that your recipient test phone number has been correctly added to your Clickatell account. Also, make sure that this number is able to receive WhatsApp messages.
  2. You could be trying to send a WhatsApp message outside of the 24-hour active conversation window, which is not allowed unless you use a template message.


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