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Our Campaign Manager tool is available on all our platform packages.

What is Campaign Manager?
Campaign Manager is a web-based tool that lets you create, send, and manage custom SMS campaigns with no coding or developer support required.
This tool is ideal for sending out announcements, reminders, alerts, event information, quick polls, and notifications with just the click of a button. It does not require any integration or implementation and is provisioned automatically via the Clickatell Customer Portal.

For detailed information on how to set up and use the product, see the user guide here.


What channels are supported?
Businesses can send campaigns to their customers on the following messaging channels:
  • SMS
What features are included?
  • Campaign Management (new campaign, campaign templates, scheduling).
  • Opt-In/Opt-Out Management (keywords, manage subscribed/unsubscribed numbers, new subscriber alerts).
  • Contact & List Management (add, import/export, edit contacts, and manage distribution lists/groups).
  • Subscription Management (set up & manage sent number and manage top-ups).
  • User Management (add, edit, delete users, manage user roles & permissions).
  • Reports/analytics (generate logs for inbox and outbox).
  • Tools (create short links, click counter, export short links, non-GSM character checker).
What can Campaign Manager do for you?
  • Provide mobile customer engagement for your business.
  • Enable you to onboard, set up, and execute campaigns immediately without integration.
  • Allow you to engage with your customers via two-way communication.
  • Track the progress and performance of your campaigns online.
  • Send auto replies.
  • Send single and bulk SMS messages.
  • Schedule messages using a calendar functionality.
  • Manage groups and contacts.
  • Manage SMS keyword opt-ins and web widget opt-ins.
  • Opt-out management.
  • Bitly URL shortening integration and click-through reporting.
  • Create and use templated messages.
  • Access a message inbox.
  • View delivery logs.
  • Bulk address look-up.
  • Check for non-GSM characters.
  • High volume deliverability (50 Transactions Per Second – for more contact your account manager).
  • Performance reporting.


Contact our Sales Team to find out more about using Campaign Manager!


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