Update Chat Desk History API

In this short tutorial, we provide information on the Update Chat History API and how to utilize it.

Why use this API?

The Update Chat History API enables you to post an event for a templated message (also known as a Highly Structured Message or HSM) that was sent from the Clickatell portal to the chat history of an end-user in Chat Desk. Without this API, Chat Desk has no visibility on HSMs sent via the Clickatell portal and these templated messages will not form part of an end-user’s chat history in Chat Desk.

When to use this API

Use this API if you want to include any HSMs sent from the Clickatell portal to an end-user as part of this end-users’ chat history in Chat Desk. This is useful in providing a complete view of interactions with the end-user and provides additional context when engaging with this end-user again. 

Getting started with the Update Chat History API

The following steps should be executed in order to post an event for an HSM sent via the Clickatell Portal to the chat history of an end-user on Chat Desk via an API call. For more details on each endpoint, see here.

Before you start: 
  1. Register and log into your Clickatell account and activate Chat Desk.
  2. Activate the WhatsApp channel for your account and create an approved message template (HSM).

Step 1 – Create Touch API Token (if it doesn’t exist yet) 

Create an authorization token using a value contained in the cookies of the Chat Desk. 

POST: https://touch.clickatell.com/external-api/token

Step 2 – Get Touch API Token

Retrieve your Touch API Token if it has already been created.

GET: https://touch.clickatell.com/external-api/token

Step 3 – Get list of integrations by token

Provides you with a list of the integrations you have set up with Clickatell. You will be required to use the integration ID in the body of your API call when posting a previously sent HSM to the chat history.

GET: https://touch.clickatell.com/external-api/integrations

Step 4 – Update Chat History

The Update Chat History API enables you to post an event (HSM sent) to the chat history of your end-user via an API call. This will ensure that after sending an HSM to an end-user from the Clickatell portal you can store it to the chat history for future visibility when engaging with the end-user.

POST: https://touch.clickatell.com/external-api/chats/messages.history


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