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What is Chat Flow?

Chat Flow is an easy-to-use web-based application that allows you to quickly and collaboratively design and deploy conversational experiences across multiple chat applications and connect them to your organization’s core functional APIs. Its visual interface enables you to create, edit, preview and deploy flows to ensure you engage with your end-users efficiently via the channels they enjoy using most. Chat Flow enables you to fully leverage all of Clickatell’s product lines for seamless integration and for switching user engagement between a chatbot and an agent desk.


Getting started with Chat Flow
  1. Sign up for a free Clickatell account.
  2. Once you’ve verified your account, add Chat Flow as a product on your account.
  3. Purchase a subscription.
  4. Launch the Chat Flow application and build your workflow(s). Note: Clickatell offers professional services where we assist you in designing and building your flows. For more details and pricing information, contact our support team
  5. Link Chat Flow to your channels by configuring routes
  6. Set up the relevant API integrations to connect to an API hosted by an external company or within your own organization. 
  7. Link Chat Flow to Chat Desk (optional) to direct your end-users to a ‘live agent’ and back to Chat Flow (if required). 


For detailed information on how to use the Chat Flow product itself, see the Chat Flow User Guide.


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