How do I receive WhatsApp messages sent to my business?

Archived on 31 August 2020


Clickatell will send a message callback to your application with the details of any incoming messages sent from the end-user’s mobile phone to your business number.

During the setup of your WhatsApp integration, you’ll be able to define the method as well as the destination for the ‘Receive Message Callback URL’  where Clickatell will send all replies to your business.

To set/update this callback, navigate to your WhatsApp integrations in your Clickatell portal, select the relevant integration from the table, and click on the ‘Integration settings’ tab.

Received messages can also be viewed in your Received Messages report that you can access from within your Clickatell platform account by navigating to Reporting → Received details, selecting the channel and timeframe, and clicking ‘Generate report‘.


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