How do I rollback my One API integration to my legacy WhatsApp integration?

In the unlikely event that you should experience some implementation issue on your system after migrating, you can roll back the WhatsApp number to the original legacy WhatsApp integration by following the steps below.

Once the changes have been saved, the WhatsApp business number will revert to the legacy WhatsApp integration settings and rollback should be completed.


  1. If there was any change in the encryption requirements in the One API integration, request Clickatell to undo the encryption changes.
  2. In the customer portal, click on My APIs in the left navigation panel, and select Configure One API.
  3. From the table, select the One API integration that you want to roll back.
  4. Use the toggle to switch the WhatsApp channel to “off”.
  5. Click Save changes at the bottom of the page.

The WhatsApp business number reverts to your legacy WhatsApp integration settings and rollback is completed.



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