What does the message status “emulated” mean?

The message status is displayed as “emulated” when messages are sent from the Sandbox environment to numbers that are not registered as test numbers. 

 The Sandbox essentially allows for two types of testing: 

  1. Sending test messages to your registered test numbers. The message will be delivered to the test number if successful. 
  2. Imitating a real sending scenario to test what would be returned in the API by sending to one or more actual numbers that are not registered as test numbers. This will give you the API response that you could expect in a real successful send, but the messages will NOT be delivered to the mobile networks or devices. Message status will show as “emulated”, which means that you successfully simulated a real send in the sandbox environment. 

Once testing in the Sandbox is successful, you can promote your API to the Production environment by navigating to My Workspace –> API Integrations and selecting the API from the table. Select the ‘Production’ radio button and click ‘Update changes’. Your API integration is now live and you are ready to send messages to your end-users. 



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