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Why use this API?

 The Transact Result API initiates the delivery of the transaction result for a purchase that was made through Clickatell after Clickatell facilitated the dispensing of the product. The client can then either proceed with the payment or cancel the fund reservation.

Participating parties 
  • Clickatell
  • Client

For definitions of each, see here.


Interfaces refer to the points in the process where Clickatell and the client exchange information. From the client’s perspective, the interface can be broken down into three main steps:

  1. Receive request from Clickatell
  2. Processing the received request internally
  3. Respond by providing feedback to Clickatell on the request received and/or any processing results


Walkthrough of interface

This section describes each of the two interfaces step-by-step, in detail.

  1. Receive dispensing outcome
    • To conclude the purchase request, Clickatell must confirm with the bank whether the requested product was successfully dispensed.
    • Although this outcome is typically received shortly after the client has instructed Clickatell to dispense the product, if the bank has not received any outcome within seven business days after the bank’s fund reservation confirmation, the bank must contact Clickatell’s Support Desk with an exception report that contains the details of these unconfirmed requests.
  2. Process outcome
    • (sad) In the case of an unsuccessful dispensing outcome, the client must cancel the fund reservation on the buyer’s account by releasing the funds 
    • (smile) In the case of a successful dispensing outcome, the client will finalize the fund reservation by debiting the buyer’s account 
  3. Confirm receipt of outcome
    • After receiving the dispensing outcome from Clickatell, the bank only needs to confirm receipt of the message with Clickatell, no other information is exchanged.
    • In the event of a network connection failure or timeout, Clickatell will make several attempts to resend the confirmation request to the Funding Source.
    • If the Funding Source is not able to match the confirmation with a previous fund’s reservation, then they need to reply with an HTTP 404 error.

Getting started with the Transact Result API

To interface with Clickatell, the following needs to be set up, configured and tested:

Step 1: 
Configure transactResult APIv2.0 connectivity
  • Receive and confirm receipt of a dispensing outcome result from Clickatell
  • Match the result to a previous fund reservation request and take appropriate action based on the dispensing outcome (debit account or cancel reservation)


The following API calls are not discussed in this document as they form part of the respective API’s documentation as indicated below:

A high-level view of this interface is illustrated below: 

For a list of all roles-players/stakeholders involved in the purchasing process, see here


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