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This guide is an easy-to-read introduction on how to look up and confirm the status of transactions.

Why use this API?

The Transaction Lookup API may be used after a purchase to confirm the transaction status.

The Transact Result API pushes the transaction status to a client as soon as the final status is available in the Clickatell platform, and the Transaction Lookup API (this API) is a secondary API that can be used to confirm the status of a transaction after a purchase.

Note: Only transactions performed within the last 30 days will be available through the Transaction Lookup API.

Participating parties
  • Clickatell
  • Client

For definitions of each, see here.

Getting started with the Transaction Lookup API

To interface with Clickatell, the following needs to be set up, configured and tested:

Step 1:
 Integrate with Security Service API
  • Follow the instructions in the Security Service API quick-start guide to request a token with your client_secret and client_id
  • Use the API_key and access_token in the following request (Step 2)

Step 2: Call Transaction Lookup API (this API)
  • Add the API_key and access_token to the request header
  • Use the client_id supplied during integration
  • Use one of the following fields for the transaction lookup:
    • raasTxnRef
    • reserveFundsTxnRef
    • clientTxnRef

Step 3: Evaluate the transaction status
  • The transactionStatus field will indicate the current transaction status
  • The reserveFundsResponseCode field will contain the responseCode that was received in the response from the funding source during the Reserve Funds API call.
  • The transactResultResponseCode field will contain the responseCode that was sent to the funding source during the Transact Result API call
  • If no transaction is found the API will return “HTTP/1.1 404

A high-level view of this interface is illustrated below:

For a list of all roles-players/stakeholders involved in the purchasing process, see here


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