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What is Chat Desk?

Chat Desk is an easy-to-use web-based application that enables real-time communication with your customers via a single web interface. Your clients can contact you via multiple channels while your customer service agents can respond to and manage these conversations from one convenient virtual service desk. Chat Desk also makes monitoring queries, chats, and agent performance easier so you can ensure your customers are receiving the best and most efficient service.


Getting started with Chat Desk
  1. Sign up for a free Clickatell account.
  2. Once you’ve verified your account, add Chat Desk as a product on your account.
  3. Add a channel to use with Chat Desk. Currently, WhatsApp and SMS channels can be used with Chat Desk.
  4. Launch the Chat Desk Dashboard. From here you can access various settings, and launch the Supervisor Desk and the Agent Desk
  5. Add more agents (optional). You can grant access to the Chat Desk to as many users as you want. Only one agent can be logged in at a given time per agent seat you purchased. You receive one free agent seat by default.


For detailed information on how to use the Chat Desk product itself, see the Chat Desk User Guide.


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