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Why use this API?

Clickatell’s RESTful-based One API can help reduce the cost of development and assist you with scaling your messaging. It allows you to communicate with your mobile customers on multiple communication channels with a single integration. Using the One API, you will be able to send and receive messages on both WhatsApp and SMS without the overhead of programming individual channels. One API makes your implementation future-proof as we continue to add support for additional channels to the Clickatell platform.

Encryption can be configured and enabled for secure messaging needs. Unified reporting also allows for a single view of all your messaging activity regardless of the channel.


Message types available for each available channel:

Message Type
Plain text Yes Yes
Rich text No Yes
Plain text with URL support No Yes
Templated message No Yes
Media No Yes

When to use this API

Use the One API if you want to engage with customers via both WhatsApp and SMS channels, or are planning to scale your messaging and add more channels in the future as they become available. With One API you only need to integrate once and Clickatell handles the interpretation of all the different channel requirements.


For more information on using the API, see the One API Reference document and this user guide.

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