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As one of the most-used chat applications in the world, WhatsApp is the ideal chat channel to use for your business to see higher delivery, open and conversion rates. The WhatsApp Business solution offered by Clickatell is intended for medium and large businesses who want to use an API integration to engage with their customers on the WhatsApp channel. 

Note: this is not to be confused with the WhatsApp Business app.

As an authorized WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, we will assist you in applying for your own WhatsApp Business account and number, and show you how to integrate with the other powerful features available on the Clickatell platform. 

Once your WhatsApp channel is activated, it will also be available to use with the following Clickatell products:

Setting up your WhatsApp channel integration


To use WhatsApp as a communication channel, you will make use of Clickatell’s One API.

Note: If you are still using our WhatsApp RESTful API. For more information on this API, see the relevant section in our Archive. Going forwards, all new WhatsApp integrations will be done via our One API (as discussed in this document). 


To start using the WhatsApp channel on your Clickatell account, follow the steps below.

  1. Create, verify, and log in to your Clickatell account 
  2. Activate WhatsApp as a channel on your account
  3. Create a new WhatsApp account and business profile
  4. Test your setup (optional)
  5. Verify your business (optional, but highly recommended)
  6. Promote your API to Production
  7. Use WhatsApp with our One API directly, or with our Chat Desk and/or Chat Flow products.


For more information, see:


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