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Clickatell enables payments in messaging through our Chat 2 Pay capability that is included in the Transact package.

What is Chat 2 Pay?
Chat 2 Pay provides a convenient way to accept payments from your customers in their favorite messaging channels.
It allows you to send a payment request to your customers via an SMS or WhatsApp message. Clicking the URL embedded in the message opens a secure payment page where they can add a new or use a saved credit/debit card. This card is then used when you process their payments via your payment processor/gateway. With our Clickatellhosted checkout page and our innovative tokenization and customer profile feature, we enable frictionless and secure in-channel, reply-based payments that are optimized for conversion and repeat purchases.
See our Chat 2 Pay User Guide for details about using our in-channel payment capability.


What channels & applications are supported?
Businesses can deliver in-channel payment experiences using the following channels and applications:
What features are included?
  • Robust, enterprise-grade Chat 2 Pay node, extension, and integration.
  • Payment link sent via SMS or WhatsApp channels through integration to Clickatell.
  • Secure, hosted, responsive checkout page that collects data directly from the customer and processes their payment.
  • Tokenization of customer card data to facilitate in-channel payments, removing the requirement for a checkout process for subsequent payments.
  • Compliant with 3DS1 and 3DS2 protocols.


Please contact our Sales Team about how you can bring chat commerce to life!

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