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SMS is a budget-conscious channel between your business and mobile users all across the world and enables you to cut costs and scale faster.

Clickatell offers two SMS connectivity products: SMS APIs and an SMS Gateway. Both products come with Clickatell’s enterprise-level support, full scalability, 24/7 team monitoring, 99.9% platform uptime, and secure messaging encryption.


Which SMS product option is best for me?

The table below compares Clickatell’s SMS Gateway and API products so you can easily select the one that is most suitable to your needs. 


SMS APIs SMS Gateway
A business sending any number of messages per month

Large enterprise, aggregator, partner, or reseller sending a minimum of 250 000 messages per month

Plan on using other messaging channels in addition to SMS (WhatsApp, etc.)

SMS is the only channel you require

Require an HTTP API or REST-based API (Clickatell’s One API supports other digital channels such as WhatsApp)

Require access to specialized APIs like SMPP (in addition to standard APIs such as HTTP and REST)

Require standard and priority routing as well as standard feature controls

Require custom routing profiles and full feature-level controls

Want access to Clickatell’s Chat Flow, Chat Desk, and Campaign Manager products

Require any type of special services such as conversion APIs, custom monitoring, content registration, locale domicile pricing, etc.

Want a pre-paid or post-paid billing agreement

Want a post-paid billing agreement


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